NavalPlan goes to FOSDEM

I, as part of NavalPlan team, am going to FOSDEM this weekend. I’ll be there to learn from other people but I’ll also be available to explain NavalPlan to these people interested in knowing more about the project.

I’ll be wearing this t-shirt:

So, if you are interested in NavalPlan don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

NavalPlan is a free software web project planning tool developed and Igalia is one of the main contributors. Main features are:

  • Multiproject management. It offers a global vision of the company managing several projects sharing resources.
  • Group resource allocations: dynamic groups based on criteria.
  • Flexible calendars.
  • Configurable Gantt charts from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Resource Breakdown Structure chart.
  • And much more….

3 thoughts on “NavalPlan goes to FOSDEM

    • Hi Chester,

      Yes, it is possible to assign resources. Moreover, we have a dual way of assigning: direct assignment of resources or assignment through criteria.

      About how to control overload, which is related with resource leveling, we have two mechanisms (depending on the type of allocation):
      1) Each resource contains a calendar. It is possible to determine the maximum overload that NavalPlan/LibrePlan is going to allow when allocating resources to a task.
      2) Talking about criteria assignment, which is based on skills or abilities, NavalPlan allows to allocate resources based on criteria (kind of group assignment). If conditions change, like for example, other project freeing resources, new resources are hired, etc. NavalPlan allows to reallocate completely individual tasks or complete projects automatically checking these new conditions.

      I hope this information is interesting for you,

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