NavalPlan goes to FOSDEM

I, as part of NavalPlan team, am going to FOSDEM this weekend. I’ll be there to learn from other people but I’ll also be available to explain NavalPlan to these people interested in knowing more about the project.

I’ll be wearing this t-shirt:

So, if you are interested in NavalPlan don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

NavalPlan is a free software web project planning tool developed and Igalia is one of the main contributors. Main features are:

  • Multiproject management. It offers a global vision of the company managing several projects sharing resources.
  • Group resource allocations: dynamic groups based on criteria.
  • Flexible calendars.
  • Configurable Gantt charts from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Resource Breakdown Structure chart.
  • And much more….

Navalplan at III Asolif companies summit

I been talking about Navalplan at III Asolif companies summit where free software companies from Spain meet to create new business opportunities, to collaborate in  projects or to do some networking. There, we have found some companies that saw this project as an interesting project and they are going to try it out. You could do the same :)!!!

NavalPlan is an application boosted by “Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e o Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia” to improve the production management of the companies from galician naval auxiliary sector. However, it is very useful for other companies that plan their companies based on projects, being able to plan, follow their projects and control employee hours assigned to projects.

Navalplan website

Yes!, we have name “Navalplan” and we have new website “”.

This is going to be the site where we will publish main project resources. At this moment, we explain what is the project about, publish a link to online demo and information about where the source code can be downloaded.

We are still in development phase so during next weeks we will publish more information and resources (like deb packages, user documents, etc).

Production management project

Today I was talking in “Free Software World Conference” in Caceres about a project Igalia is developing for Xunta de Galicia and naval companies. We don’t have name for it, I think we will have one at the end of  December. However, we have some public resources:

  • Git temp repository:
  • Bugtracker
  • Last deployment: User: admin/admin.

This project is licensed as AGPL. You can test it and if you have any comments they will be welcome.