This week we’ve released MyTime project, this project try to be a system to monitoring your time while you’re using a computer, providing a graphical user interface that generates different kind of charts with information about what applications you use in your computer.

Moreover in the following phases we’re going to try to integrate this project with Online Desktop trying to store information about application use remotely so that you can query information about your time everywhere.

The project is been developed by some people from Igalia engineering group: Antonio, Diego, Quique, Iván, Chema, Loren, Xavi and me.

Among other technologies MyTime uses:

  • GTK+ and Glade for the graphical interface.
  • GObject for data server and model logic implementation.
  • D-Bus usage for communication between components.
  • SQLite database system for local data management.

You can read more information about the project in its home page at Igalia community. Furthermore the project has its own page at where you can find mailing lists, forums, and SVN repository of the project.

There’re a lot of things todo, however feel free to test MyTime and give us your feedback, we’ll be very happy. :-)

We’ll keep you informed of news in this project.

MyTime Screenshot


On 08/05/30 17:59, Sergio wrote:


On 08/07/23 07:45, Jan wrote:

Cool! This is what I need in monitoring my time spent and very appropriate in my business since I’m into online. And look at that it’s for free.

Thanks for sharing mate.

On 09/02/25 02:48, wow_gold wrote:

Nice Post – adding this to RSS now ^^ About your design, which theme is being used at the moment? I know someone who would to know if it’s a free one.

On 09/02/25 17:27, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

The theme that I’m currently using is Pool and it’s GPL.

On 09/09/15 10:36, Tobi wrote:

Can you guys give me a feedback about ?

On 09/09/18 09:17, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

It’s more similar to PHPReport than MyTime. You can test it: