Pet projects

  • SergasApp: Mobile application to request medical appointments in the Galician publich health service.
  • Java REST example: Very basic example about how to develop a REST web application with Jersey, Jetty and Maven.
  • RTM-GLib: RTM-GLib is a library which provides access to the API of Remember The Milk.

Master on Free Software


Emacs vs Vim commands

Command Emacs Vim
Open file C-x-f :e
Save file C-x-s :w
Exit C-x-c :q
Go to a line M-g-g :
Go to the beginning of the file M-< gg
Go to the end of the file M-> G
Center window C-l zz
Text selection C-spacebar V
Select all C-x h ggVG
Cut C-w x
Copy M-w y
Paste C-y p
Search forward C-s /
Search next C-s n
Search previous C-r N
Search backward C-r ?
Search next (current word) C-s C-w C-s *
Search previous (current word) C-r C-w C-r #
Replace M-% :s/foo/bar/
Split window (horizontal) C-x 2 :sp
Split window (vertical) C-x 3 :vs
Maximize window C-x 1 :on
Change window C-x o ^ww
Undo C-_ u
Redo C-_ C-f C-_ :red
Delete word M-d dw
Delete line C-k dd


  • C: Control
  • M: Alt
  • ^: Control