Rego’s Everyday Life

A blog about my work at Igalia.

Summary #


I’m Manuel Rego Casasnovas, I’m from Baiona (Galicia, Spain). When I finished my studies about computer science, and just after doing my master thesis in a 6 months internship at PSA Peugeot Citroën, I started working at Igalia (April, 2007) where now I’m one of the partners. I like football (both playing and watching), going to the beach, sailing, listening and playing music; moreover I like computers and everything related to technology.

On my first years at Igalia, I was working with different web technologies from TYPO3 in PHP to ZK in Java. At the same time, I also played with some GNOME related technologies, specially while I was studying the Master on Free Software (2008-2009). From 2009 to 2012 I was working on LibrelPlan, an open source web planning tool.

By the end of 2012 I moved to the other side of the web joining the Igalia Web Platform team. Since then I’ve been working as browsers engineer focused on CSS standars in Chromium/Blink and WebKit (where I’m owner and reviewer respectively). I’m member of the CSS Working Group and Blink API owner since 2020. In 2023 I became chair of Servo Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

License #

The content of this blog is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.