Web Engines Hackfest 2018

My personal summary of the Web Engines Hackfest 2018 that happened at Igalia office in A Coruña past week.

Changes on CSS Grid Layout in percentages and indefinite height

A s̶h̶o̶r̶t̶ long story on how percentage work on CSS in general and in CSS Grid Layout row tracks and gutters particularly.

CSS Logical Properties and Values in Chromium and WebKit

Post summarizing the status of the work by Oriol Brufau in his Igalia Coding Experience adding support for CSS Logical Properties and Values in Chromium and WebKit.

CSSWG F2F Berlin 2018

A blog post about my past week in Berlin attending the CSSWG F2F meeting and the co-located TYPO Labs event.

Getting rid of "grid-" prefix on CSS Grid Layout gutter properties

A new story behind the scenes, about how it was to unprefix the grid layout gutter properties in Blink and WebKit.