This week I’ve started my collaboration with FORMidable, a TYPO3 extension.

If you develop TYPO3 extensions, specially frontend forms, you should test the extension called Ameos FORMidable (ameos_formidable), with this extension you can develop TYPO3 extensions very fast. After more than one year developing TYPO3 applications, I think that FORMidable is an essential TYPO3 extension; I’ve fallen in love with it. ;-)

Furthermore FORMidable actually is a free software project, at project’s homepage there’re links to documentation, SVN, a lot of examples, and mailing list. In this list you can ask, suggest, send patches, etc. and somebody from FORMidable community is going to try to help you, besides FORMidable authors accept patches to improve FORMidable or fix some bugs; I’ve sent several patches and they’ve added my modifications to project.

This post has only the purpose to announce that I’ve published my first article at FORMidable web page.

Finally I’d like to thank to FORMidable development team, specially to Jerome Schneider, for give me the opportunity to collaborate in this great project and for accept my ideas and patches trying to improve FORMidable.


On 08/04/30 16:40, Luc wrote:

Well, thank you to you, for having spent time to learn formidable, and giving back to us.

We’re glad to see that formidable is interesting people…

by the way it’s logical to implement the patches that are well made into the core.

I think your last patch that enable the possibility to edit data in the lister is going to be one of the keystone of formidable.

It’s a real big improvement to act on data in FE plugins.

thanks a lot :)