Technological visit to the Nordic Countries: Oulu

The last stage of our trip was in the north of Finland. We were gently received by Janne Mustonen from Oulu Innovation who was the one coordinating our meetings.

We met Sari Päivärinta from Nokia Mobile Zone, where they showed us some really interesting projects that are being developed, like secure payments through SMS, or applications control with a small ball, for instance. We also tried swype input method, which worked really fine.

Tomi Väisänen gave us a speech on code testing and security and introduced Codenomicon tool Defensics.

We also had meetings with Esa Posio from Center for Internet Excellence (University of Oulu) and Heikki Ailisto from VTT Technical Research center of Finland, who were talking about their collaboration models and how they encourage partnership. Again, it’s amazing how the public sector, companies and Universities work together to help entrepreneurship.

Annti Pelkonen from Ixonos was explaining us their expertize areas, focused on application development for Symbian and also on an open source web application for citizens portals, based on Alfresco, that is being used in many councils in Finland.

In the afternoon,  we went to Technopolis Smarthouse where Juha Ala-Mursula from Bussiness Oulu,  and Martti Elsilä explained us the City of Oulu Ecosystem and the services provided by Technopolis to set up in Finland.

I think that in the end I will be considering the option of moving to Scandinavia :-).

Thanks to all!

Technological visit to the Nordic Countries: Oslo

Yet in Oslo, we visited IKT Norge where Fredrik Syversen (Director of Development) received us, and explained the main purposes of the institute for the Norwegian ICT industry.

There, Liv Freihow and Benedicte Fasmer showed us the big projects Norway is carrying out regarding green technology by creating huge data centers in the north, using the natural cooling systems and recycling the extracted heat.

We were talking later on with Torgeir Waterhouse (Director of internet and new media) about how they are increasing their participation in open source initiatives, and showed explicit interest on our expertize on MeeGo and Webkit.

We also visited Monika Svanberg at Forskningsparken which is more focused on helping start-ups. and gave us some hints on how to collaborate with different strategic sectors on Norway.

Thanks to all!

Igalia love

Some reasons in brief to love Igalia 🙂

Igalia interview for Galician TV (available with english subtitles)

It doesn’t mention a lot of other important things related with its highly skilled and great human group that Igalia consists of, its experience and implication in projects, the constant search for welfare and so on but you can have an idea. It requires sometimes a hard work but it has been successful until now.

Thank you all, mates!

Open ID’ing

I have being testing the creation and configuration of an specific account for OpenID in one of the profiles supported by authentication list:

  • AOL
  • Livejournal
  • Blogger
  • Yahoo

Having already some of this profiles ready to use, i decided to set up my identity via Google, as far as I am already using some of thir products quite often.

So at this point you can either log in Sourceforge with your personal account or register a new user based on a OpenID provider.

Suposing the second one, the registration sends a message to Blogger to ask for confirmation of the confidence on authentication with Sourceforge. Regarding registration forms, they may share information based on specific formats, I will try to take a look into this one day.

So once accepted, you can link your id with the OpenID url provided, in order to use that url (in this case to log in, never mind the user_id you could register.

I guess that this algorithm is based on something similar to SSO behavior, prepared to filter ‘man-in-the-middle‘ vulnerabilities, but I will review this to have more information 🙂