Igalia love

Some reasons in brief to love Igalia 🙂

Igalia interview for Galician TV (available with english subtitles)

It doesn’t mention a lot of other important things related with its highly skilled and great human group that Igalia consists of, its experience and implication in projects, the constant search for welfare and so on but you can have an idea. It requires sometimes a hard work but it has been successful until now.

Thank you all, mates!

Fresh restart

After a lot of months of plenty of work, some vacations and important changes in my personal life, I’m trying to get this blog updated.

To start with the most significant change, I became a father the past year 🙂 It’s just an amazing experience every day.

Resuming what I did at work during this time, basically:

  • Coordination and development of Typo3 applications …
  • Some consultancy project and collaboration in certification process …
  • Teaching in Igalia 2009 edition of free software master
  • … and mainly  being part in the development team of a RIA oriented scheduling application, more news about to come. Stay tunned.