Going to JSConf.eu 2009

After some doubts about if we were going to be able to register, we finally could sign up for JSConf.eu 2009, so two people from Igalia are going be in Berlin the 7th and 8th of November.

lg_logoJavascript is one of the transversal technologies in Igalia and this is the reason why there will be people in the conferences that has been working both on Desktop Mobile and Web Application Development groups.

Some of us already have quite a lot of experience with Server-Side communications with JS, and we are willing to go deeper in its usage to more advanced RIA oriented features within the scope of our ZK scheduling application.

We hope to get a lot of interesting ideas and boost our knowledge in the different frameworks that are going to be explored, have an insight in future opportunities, and of course, know people and have fun!

PD.  Then we take Berlin!

Testing Moonlight

We have been considering several architectural alternatives for a future project we are going to start. The idea is to develop a production management system, which has a scheduling part, to which is going to have a web interface. The debate is: plugin-oriented (free alternatives, of course) vs javascript.

We are not sure about the richness we will need to handle, and how easy would be to integrate it with

I have installed packages to run my own mono server, and develop some quick tests for moonlight http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/

The tests were done with 1.0 and 2.0 versions for 32 bits. First worked fine, but some environments already demanded the latest version that shoud be downloaded from the repository

svn co svn://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/moon

Although some simple C# components worked fine, and it would be interesting in the future as an alternative to Flash, its level of maturity, and the doubts on how we could connect the graphical components with a non-mono application, led us to discard Moonlight for the current project.

Besides, the possible use of direct Canvas elements in HTML 5, made us go to Javascript alternatives that seem to have other clear advantages.

So we are testing now Yahoo Library YUI (BSD Licensed) that is looking really good for our purpose of drawing and moving boxes over our ZK Direct RIA architecture.