Collaboration among governments

Posted by javi vazquez on February 21, 2006

Last week I assisted to several conferences in Málaga, during the OSWC. 3 days really nice sharing time, conversations, beer… with many great people concerned about the future of free software and a free (freedom) society.

In one of the conferences, there were 4 public administrations (Junta de Andalucía, Junta de Extremadura, Generalitat Catalana and Generalitat Valenciana) sitting in the same table, talking about their projects and also about the difficulties to collaborate among them.

Obviously, they first have to promote the collaboration inside their owns organizations before trying to work with other organizations, to spread from inside the characteristic culture of free software communities .

Anyway, although this lack of collaboration, I was really jealous listening to the activities of these governments about Free Software and Information Society, because Galicia, my country/region, has not started anything relevant yet.

During the conference, Marcelo Branco –– was pointed as the new person hired by the Generalitat Catalana to promote the collaboration among governments, not only in Spain, but worlwide. I met Marcelo in Santiago de Compostela 8 months ago, and I really think he could be the right person to such a hard task.

I was speaking with Elena Veiguela, coordinator for the promotion of the Information Society in Galicia, and I introduced them to each other, hoping that Galicia joins the initiative for a free software collaboration world, and our people can enjoy the new knowledge society we do not know yet.

Marcelo is probably coming to Galicia in March to speak with different people of Xunta de Galicia, and I hope we can meet again, because I learn a lot each time I am a few minutes with him.

Good luck Marcelo!


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