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  1. Hi Igalia team,

    Have you consider adding emulation platforms such as Parallel-N64, PPSSPP, Dolphin, and Mednafen-PSX to your V3DV benchmark? They all support Vulkan and I consider it would be a fun experience and the improvements would be appreciated by the retro-gaming community. Thanks.

    • Hi Ruben, no we haven’t specifically tested these, mostly because that would require some work to setup, but I’d expect that they all benefit from the optimization work we are doing. Particularly for shader compiler improvements, we test with many thousands of real-world shaders so if we see improvements there it is almost certain they will improve performance for these emulators as well to some extent. With that being said, we might do some tests with some of these emulators in the future if we find the time or we come up with an optimization that could be particularly relevant there.

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