Better late than never: we are ready to accept new build slaves

As some of you may already know we have been postponing for some time the addition of new slaves to The reason for this was that in order to allow other slaves to connect to our master we had to open a large range of ports in the firewall, fact that worried some people maintaining the server. So, I and my mate API invested some time (more than we would have liked to) trying to find a solution based on a single public port. Unfortunately, our lack of experience with the Twisted framework was a constant pain and made it a bit difficult to move forward. In the end, we managed to implement a solution which worked fine… for a while, until the TWisted beast bit us hard, yet again, with a random, low-level, indecipherable error…

So, at that moment we had to choose: either we continue working on that, maybe delaying work on the build brigade for some more weeks or months, or we find a temporary workaround to keep things moving forward. Of course, we chose to keep things moving forward ;), so we moved the master back to Igalia with the help of Olav Vitters and enabled two slaves: the one we had in the old and a new one running at Igalia. You can see the results in the gnome-buildbot web page. Of course, this means that now we can finally accept new slaves, so let us know at the build-brigade mailing list or IRC channel if you want to do so! We will be glad to guide and help you in the process.

Meanwhile, we will still try to find a solution to the ports issue, but now with a new approach, thanks to John Carr for working on this matter!

PD: Sorry to those who had offered slaves but have had to wait so long for us to get this done.