My plan for the gnome buildbot

Answering to Olav post about my plans for the gnome buildbot: the more slaves, the better :). However, it is obvious that I cannot review all build errors on all modules for all the slaves, besides it makes not much sense… for me, the good way to go here would be that project maintainers and core developers (at least) subscribe to the modules they are experts on and whenever they receive notification that any of these projects fail to build, drop by the buildbot and check what’s going on with it. I’m sure they’ll know better and will realize sooner in most cases what’s going on there, so they can fix the problem in the repository if needed or give feedback to us so we can fix the build for that module (for example using appropriate build flags, installing missing dependencies, etc.).

Btw, I removed the test coverage stuff to build scrollkeeper successfully at least once, so modules failing to build due to its dependency on this module can build. Unfortunately, I see that gnome-doc-utils failing to build is also causing a lot of build problems in other modules. Is there anyone who can help us out to fix this build error?:

xsltproc -o "C/db2html-bibliography.xml"
--stringparam basename "db2html-bibliography"
--stringparam xsl_file "/usr/local/buildslave/gnome/work/src/gnome-doc-utils/doc/xslt/../../xslt/docbook/html/db2html-bibliography.xsl"
"./xsldoc-docbook.xsl" "C/db2html-bibliography.xsldoc"
db2html-bibliography: No documentation for template mode l10n.format.mode

See complete Log here.