Writing MAFW plugins talk @ Maemo Summit

So here is the thing, when I was preparing this presentation I thought it would be a good idea to give the audience some actual source code of both source and renderer plugins for MAFW. Yeah, we already have some plugins in MAFW that you can look into but those are full of optimizations and pack quite many features so I thought they might be a bit complicated to understand the basics. So, I devoted a few hours to write a couple of very simple plugins (a source and a renderer), they are really simple, they only provide the most basic stuff, they are not complete,they sure have bugs, etc but the code is simple, easy to read and understand and it is full of comments to guide readers.

Unfortunately, 20 minutes is not a lot of time to explain what MAFW is about and go into the details of the plugins’ source code. So here is the deal, do you prefer to see me showing you the code and explaining how it works, or do you prefer slides covering the basic ideas and leave the source code off the presentation?

In any case, you can get the pluigins’ source code here:

MAFW Filesystem source plugin

MAFW Simple renderer plugin

UPDATE: You can now also check out the slides here:

Writing plugins for MAFW (slides)

3 thoughts on “Writing MAFW plugins talk @ Maemo Summit”

  1. Really, the source plugin seems quite interesting: a lot of players allow browsing through folders, and it’s a pitty that mafw-tracker-source doesn’t allow it.

    It would be great if you can start a project in gitorious and upload there mafw-fs-source. Even if it is just an example about how to write a plugin, I think it can be used as a base to write a more complete and bug-free version.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll find people willing to contribute 🙂

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