It’s been long…

It’s been long since my last post now, I’ve been quite busy lately (and I still am), but I wanted to write something to let you know I’m still alive 😉

  • I’ve attended to Guademy, where I had the chance to meet some cool mates. Some interesting notes about this great event:
  • I’ve also continued my work on the Build Brigade. I spent most time working on:
    • Enhancing gnome-buildbot multislave view [*].
    • Assisting Thomas Vander Stichiele, who’s kindly setting up new gnome-buildbot slaves for Fedora builds.
    • Creating installation guides for both the slave and master sides of the Gnome buildbot. Olav Vitters has kindly offered to host the Gnome master and a slave in a Gnome server, so I took the chance to write these guides.
    • Another Igalia mate has joined the Build Brigade, his name is Alejandro Piñeiro and he’s working on the RSS support, which is a must have feature for the Gnome buildbot. He’s doing a great work [*].
    • I applied for a talk at Guadec Core which has finally been accepted, so I hope I can introduce many of this features to you all at that moment.

[*] Multislave support (2 slaves) and RSS support

Buildbot multislave and RSS

[*] Multislave support (waterfall view)

Buildbot multislave, waterfall view