Gnome Buildbot: The continuous integration system for Gnome

We have formally introduced the Gnome Buildbot to the community at FOSDEM. It seems people liked it very much and I hope the community use it extensively and provide as much feedback as possible to improve it.

For those of you that missed the talk, this is a summary of its main features:
* Continuous builds of the Gnome modules using jhbuild.
* List of modules that build successfuly and modules that fail to build properly.
* Access to the build logs to detect the causes of build failures.
* Execution of test suites through “make check”.
* Integration of autotools tests and Check unit tests.
* HTML report with a summary of the test and unit tests executed.
* Tests code coverage reports using gcov.

There is also some work on going to provide some other interesting features, like RSS support.

The main idea behind the Gnome buildbot is to be a reference in Gnome to know the current state of the Gnome build, a reference for both developers/maintainers and end users. It’s also a tool for maintainers, to know whether their projects are building properly in “clean” environments, and even in different SOs/architectures (we are currently working on providing Gnome builds in Fedora Core too, currently we are building in a Debian Sid).

So, if you’re maintaing a project and it is not building properly, please, take a look to the build logs and fix the problem! 😉

Enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Gnome Buildbot: The continuous integration system for Gnome”

  1. Looks fantastic, although two comments:

    * The build list could be in alphabetic order
    * Debian sid is quite old, and does not have some of the gtk/pango stuff that some of the software needs. Maybe the Fedora build system might have better deps?

    Anyway, thanks!

  2. Hi Richard,

    thanks for your comments!

    About the alphabetic list, I didn’t think about it before but it might be useful. Currently it is ordered following the build order, so people can estimate how much time they’d have to wait to get a given module built. Anyway it would be interesting to provide both sort methods, so the user can select the one he/she prefers.

    About Debian sid, the problems you see when linking to gtk/pango stuff are because the modules are not building properly, they are linking against the system libraries (Debian Sid, so too old) and they must link against the jhbuild build libraries (that’s why jhbuild is used to build), so that’s a problem in the modules build configuration. These kind of errors are usually tricky, and usually have to do with the order in which the link of libraries is specified.

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