How can non technical profiles Get involved in Gnome?

In the past weeks, an Igalia folk who has a non tech profile and I were looking for a topic were she can get involved in the Gnome community.
We reviewed this page, which turned out to be a nice starting point. She specially liked the accesibility issue and also found interesting the usability topic and the translation project. I’m sure she can give an interesting and different point of view. If you are already working on any of these Gnome topics and need some help, just tell me! 😉
Regarding usability, my folk Sergio proposed an interesting idea: design a “Your first steps in Gnome”, which would analyze and propose ideas regarding how to guide and train a newbie in the desktop usage. I’m sure this would be very useful for people not used to work with computers or even for people who come from other desktop environments.

If you have any other ideas about how a non tech profile can help in Gnome, let me know, they will be very appreciated 🙂