Gedit and D-Bus prototype II

We have made some improvements and fixes to the first prototype:

  • Disabled metadata writing when bus is down to avoid having several Gedit processes writing to it at the same time.
  • Avoided application shutdown when bus shuts down.
  • Fixed indentation and naming.
  • Tested provided D-Bus service with a client outside Gedit.
  • Implementation of GeditDbus GObject as a single instance.
  • Provide a hash table to this interface to make it more extensible without breaking compatibility.
  • Some other minor fixes…

Sent a patch to Paolo Borrelli, who suggested:

  • Avoid using “_” as prefix for static methods.
  • Use G_DEFINE_TYPE to define the GeditDbus GObject type.

Besides, he pointed out that Vytas is working on a single-application instance framework for Gnome. I’ll take a look at it to check if it could be useful for Gedit.