GUADEC experiences (I)

It is time to write some words about my experience at GUADEC in Vilanova. Let’s focus in the most interesting things and leave some annoying logistics problems for another post :).

There was a lot of interesting talks and BoFs this year, I specially liked these ones:

  • Alex Graveley’s talk about Gimmie, a very interesting approach for the Gnome pannel.
  • Federico Mena’s talk about Gnome performance issues. Really good work and very instructive.
  • Robert Love’s talks about NetworkManager and FUSE (two intersting talks in one talk time).
  • Kathy Sierra’s talk about passionate users. A very funny and useful marketing-oriented talk about how you can create passionate users about your software/community.
  • Juanjo’s BoF about continuous integration for Gnome. A very interesting meeting which finally drive people to gather together to work in this topic. Hopefully I can help doing some work on gtk+ unit testing 🙂

And of course, it was time to meet a lot of people around the Gnome community. I will write more about this and other GUADEC topics in next posts.