GTK+/MeeGo Handset integration: Week 6

GtkWidget::press-and-hold signal

It’s unclear to me whether we really need a new signal for this, or we can just synthesize right click events after the long press. So, I’ve reworked the patch to do the latter, showing the same animation and sending a right click event only when the toucscreen mode is enabled (GtkSettings:gtk-touchscreen-mode). Instead of using the touchscreen setting, we could get the source device of the button press event to enable press-and-hold only when it’s originated by a stylus or the finger, but there’s not a GdkInputSource for the finger yet.


Company reviewed my patch and pointed out that we could use a single pango layout instead of having one for the main entry text and another one for the hint text. Both texts are never shown at the same time, so it should be possible to use a single pango layout. He also proposed to rename it to placeholder-text, which is the name used in maemo indeed. So, I rewrote the patch addressing both issues.

API also commented on the bug regarding the GailEntry patch. In order to make sure the placeholder text is always available for the a11y system, no matter whether there’s a tooltip text or not, API suggested to use the AtkObject attributes instead of the description, adding a new attribute for the placeholder text. I reworked the GailEntry patch to do exactly that.

Gtk Meeting

During the GTK+ meeting I proposed to include all the bugs of this project into the list of bugs targeted for 3.2. Matthias has already branched so master branch is now open for new stuff.

Next week

I’ll be on vacation for the whole week 🙂

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