GTK+/MeeGo Handset integration: Week 5

GtkWidget::press-and-hold signal

I haven’t updated the patch this week, even though some interesting points were raised by garnacho, who tried the patch in a real touchscreen device, because the general approach is still under discussion.


I rewrote the patch to explicitely add the hint text instead of using the tooltip text as suggested by Matthias. Also wrote a patch for GailEntry to return the hint text as ATK object description only when there isn’t a description nor a tooltip text, as API proposed. However, Joanmarie thinks the hint text should always be exposed via the description.


I finished the patch to add the new widget GtkLiveEntry that works like the current search window used in GtkTreeView. I also wrote patches for GtkTreeView, Evince and Nautilus to use GtkLiveEntry instead of their own implementations. Now it’s time to think about the other part of GtkLiveSearch, the search stuff.

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