The second edition of Master on Free Software finished. After this great and long year, I think that worth the effort of sharing work and study. I’ve learnt lot of things and improved my knowledge in several topics related with free software.

Last Friday, students did a presentation of our Master Thesis: In my case it’s called Communication between desktop and web applications, and it’s mainly centered in the GNOME platform and the library RTM-GLib (that was developed as part of the Master Practicum).

Finally, I wrote the thesis using reStructuredText and it really rocks ;-). It’s just simple and very comfortable. Moreover, sources are also readable.


On 10/02/15 11:38, Andre wrote:

Hello.. how did you hand in your thesis? in latex (exported using rst2latex)

On 10/02/15 11:53, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

IIRC, using “rst2pdf” command (see the result).