First of all, I’ve created the project homepage at, where you can find examples and download the last versions.

Today, I’ve announced the first public release of RTM-GLib, both in GNOME announcements mailing list and Remember The Milk API Google group. And I’m doing the same here :P

Some crazy ideas for the future work, now that the library is usable:

  • Provide some methods through Mojito (via D-Bus) to get, for example, the list of tasks for today.
  • Develop a Tracker data miner in order to store the information about the tasks from Remember The Milk on Tracker infrastructure.
  • In some way EDS (evolution-data-server) could use this library to keep synchronized the information about tasks between Remember The Milk and the desktop.

Now is time to check the feasibility of these things and think about how to implement them.