Lately, I’ve been working on the last part of the Master on Free Software, the Master’s Thesis.

First of all, I’ve started a small library called RTM-Glib, that is just a wrapper around the API of Rememeber The Milk. It’s written in C and using GNOME technologies. It pretends to be similar to other libraries like Twitter-GLib or Flickcurl, but for a different web service.

In order to develop this library I’ve used librest, a great library which makes very easy the access to RESTful-like services.

For the moment RTM-Glib is just in an early stage, just some basic functions with tasks and lists are implemented. But the library should evolve in the future implementing more methods of the Remember The Milk API.

Among other tasks (like improve the library), during the this month I should take a look at Mojito, trying to provide a new service supported using RTM-Glib.

Finally, I’ve just created a repository for the project in Gitorious, the URL is: You can download the source code, check the example and test it. As usual, any comment and suggestion are welcomed ;-)