This week I’ve been taking a look to a TYPO3 extension to import RSS feeds called Yet Another Feed Importer (yafi).

This extension works really nice, but I miss one feature. I’m going to import blog posts to a TYPO3 website and I’d like to keep the categories already associated with the original post also related with the news imported in the website.

An example:

  • Import one post that has the categories TYPO3 and PHP in the RSS
  • If you have defined in your website the category TYPO3
  • Then the tt_news record imported will be related with TYPO3 category

Finally, I’ve implemented it, you can find a patch at TYPO3 Forge. Also some little bugfixes for yafi extension.

This together with gl_pages_cat could help to feed your website automatically showing only related news on every categorized page.

PD: An inspirational post by Federico Mena today:

[…] If you don’t “git push” today, your day was a waste of time.