Updates on Grilo

Some updates on Grilo since my announcement post (in chronological order):

  • Juan is packaging Grilo, check details here.
  • We have bindings for Vala thanks to Víctor Jáquez.
  • Grilo 0.1.2 is released, check this post for details.
  • We have a plugin ranking system now. This is used when you request Grilo to resolve metadata for a particular media object and there are various plugins capable of doing so (imaging for example that you have two plugins for resolving the album art or the lyrics, etc).
  • We have set up a PPA for Grilo on Launchpad, details here.
  • I am working on a Totem plugin, so far I got a first prototype working and I can use Grilo sources from Totem enabling me to browse and play content from all the Grilo plugins. Now I need to focus on adding a few more features and configuration options.