GTK+/MeeGo Handset integration: Week 10

GtkScrolledWindow: kinetic scrolling

The first time I tried to use the press-and-hold patch to allow selections and drag and drop operations in GtkScrolledWindow when kinetic mode is enabled, it didn’t work because press-and-hold patch uses some of the signals (motion event) consumed by GtkScrolledWindow using the captured-event. So, I thought I could make it work by using the captured-event for the press-and-hold implementation too. I reworked the press-and-hold patch to use the capured-event and the scrolled window patch to use the press-and-hold signal, and it indeed worked!

One comment

  1. Daniel -In general we still rcommeend that people doing GTK also use X it’s much more mature than the DirectFB stuff and works pretty well.In general I don’t think that size is the issue as much as it is performance. The closer we can get to the hardware the better and cairo + render is still pretty painful. We do a lot better on a lot of benchmarks (but not all) using direct framebuffer access vs. going through X.

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