GNOME 2.22 is out!

GNOME 2.22

This release is very special, since it includes an important architectural change, Gio/Gvfs a replacement for GNOME-VFS. Many people have worked hard to bring us a new GNOME stable release with important architectural changes, without regressions and in a six months release cycle. It’s awesome!. Not so much time ago, we didn’t have support for some basic network protocols such as ftp, the connect to server dialog in nautilus hadn’t been ported to Gio/Gvfs as well as many of our core modules, computer:// and network:// weren’t implemented either, etc. There are too many heroes in this release. Thanks to everybody. I love the GNOME community and I’m really happy to be part of it.

Evince 2.22

There are also many improvements in Evince for this new GNOME release:

  • Most of the annoying popups dialogs have been replaced by a message area in the view. Based on the gedit message area.
  • Transition effects in presentations are now supported (Thanks Carlos!)
  • Thanks to the Google Highly Open Participation Contest automatic and kinetic scrolling have been implemented
  • Many many improvements and bug fixes in the PS backend thanks to the use of libspectre.
  • Important performance improvements of speed and memory consumption
  • Many other bugs fixed

Formula 1

The new season starts this weekend. I’m looking forward to watching the first race

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