Busy Busy Busy!

Yeah, I’m even more busy than when I was studying for the exams. But at least I’m doing funny things right now 🙂


The GNOME meeting that took place in Zaragoza was really nice, specially thanks to dexem for the organization. We could talk about the book of GNOME Hispano, GNOME System Tools and since the whole buoh team was there, we also could work on the buoh for a while.

But everything wasn’t work, the night in the RNR bars of Zaragoza was pretty funny!

GNOME Hispano book

As I promised, I’ve started to write in the book, although I haven’t committed anything yet. I hope I can commit something soon.


I love selection feature of evince! I’ve been working in some improvements like allowing drag and drop of text selected.


Buoh, the online comics reader for GNOME Desktop, is very close to a first public release! Zioma is writing a spinner based on the ephy code for providing a better feedback when loading a comic. Steve-o has done a great work getting the first publication date for each comic in order to allow going to the first one.

GNOME System Tools

I know garnacho needs help with the new gst architecture if we want to have it ready for GNOME 2.14. I hope I can start helping soon . . .