I needed a free day

In the last weeks I’ve been very busy doing some uni exercises that we have to do before doing the exams. I already have work to do, but today I’ve decided to take me the day as a free (in fact, I took me only the afternoon, because in the morning I was in class). What better way to spend a free day than hacking? Hehe, here is the result of my small free day

CPUFreq Applet

The new icons proposed by zioma have been accepted!!. I’ve uploaded them to CVS.

GST: The disks Tool

Because of the little time that I have, the disks tool development is going slowly. But I haven’t abandoned it. I’ve fixed an important bug in the scsi bus scanning. The scsi devices in which lun was greater than 0, were not detected.

I’m very happy to see Davyd talks about the disks tool in his GNOME 2.10 article.

I will continue with the uni exercises tomorrow. 🙂

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