Funny and productive weekend in Pamplona

I’m a bit tired, we had not much time to sleep this weekend in Pamplona.

On Saturday morning we presented our projects. The first was acs who presented planner and the integration with evolution. Garnacho talked about gnome-system-tools and presented us the new module shares-admin, a nice tool that makes easy to share folders with NFS or samba. I was the next, I could present disks-admin, the other new gnome-system-tools module. I talked about the past, present and future of the tool. Chema showed us Fisterra, a generic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner). The next it was talk about the Spanish GNOME Development book, and finally Rodrigo talked for a long time about the Evolution architecture.

In the afternoon we worked in working groups and acs presented GNOME 2.8 using ubuntu. The Sunday morning was no less productive, Rodrigo showed how to use jhbuild while some other people continued hacking in working groups.

Personally it has been a great weekend, I’ve learned how to integrate an application with Nautilus by adding a new Nautilus context menu entry. I’ve also added drag and drop support in shares-admin, you can now add a new shared folder by simply dragging it to shares-admin window. And finally I’ve fixed some bugs in disks-admin.

We are now planning the next GNOME meeting in my new university (URJC) in Madrid 🙂

There are more photos of this weekend in my gallery.