Like in the past 3 years, this year I’ve been teaching some lessons of the web module inside the Master on Free Software organized organized by Igalia and URJC.

Apart from some classes about Java, this time I’ve given a workshop about PhoneGap (now renamed to Apache Cordova). If you don’t know it yet, maybe you want to take a look if you’re interested in web development (HTML + CSS + JavaScript) for mobile platforms.

The workshop tried to give an overview of this framework and during the class we developed a simple feed reader as example app. The main technologies used (apart from PhoneGap) were: jQuery (to manipulate the DOM), jQuery Mobile (for the UI) and jFeed (to read the RSS/Atom feed). You can find the slides of my presentation below and if you follow them you should be able to develop the example too ;-)

Finally, maybe you don’t know it yet, but some months ago I developed a small mobile application using PhoneGap. The app is called SergasApp and it allows request medical appointments for the Galician Healthcare Service. As usual, it’s free software and you can find the source code in GitHub if you’re interested in review another example app developed with PhoneGap.


On 14/07/13 10:12, Joel wrote:

I would like to get a complete workable source code for the RSS feed project. Tell me where it is hosted.

On 14/07/14 09:38, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:

I’m sorry but we didn’t publish the source code anywhere, but it should be possible to somehow extract it from the slides.

Anyway, take into account that the presentation is from 2012 so it can be outdated.