siggy version 0.3 released!

As promised, the brand new 0.3 version of siggy is out πŸ™‚
You can get the source code and package at garage, and it has also been uploaded to the extras-devel repository. You can check the source code from its git repository as well.

When developing this version, my idea was to add some way to get information from the data stored in the database. So I thought of two views. One of them would be a statistical view, where I could check how I’ve been evolving during a period of time, showing totals, average values, etc.
The other view would be a kind of chart representing the amount of money spent during a period in each of the items defined in the application.

Some hours coding and this is the result:

What do you think? Could this be useful to you? πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, the next mayor update is not out yet, so the limitation to move the package from extras-devel to extras-testing is still there. Anyway, this can be seen as an advantage πŸ˜‰
For the upcoming 0.4 version, I have planned a couple of features requested by you:

  • The first one is adding support multiple accounts, just in case someone wants to handle more than one of them.
  • The second one is adding to the expenses in the database some kind of unique id that would allow synchronisation with a centralized service/database. This one opens a new and really interesting functionality for the application: it could be used by workers from a company to write down their work expenses. Periodically, the workers might sinchronize their expenses with the central server, so they are automatically queued to be paid as allowances. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚
  • If I have enough time, I will also add password protection to open the application

So, why the delay in the mayor update is an advantage? All these new features require changes in the database tables, which means problems for those who have started to use the application using a previous vesion. So, my advice is: test the application as much as you can, report bugs, patches, translations, etc, but don’t start to use it regularly yet. Wait a bit more. I’ll try to have the next version ready before the upcoming mayor update. This way, when the update is out, you’ll be able to install the new version without migration problems πŸ™‚
Anyway, if there’s someone who wants to start using it asap, just tell me, and I’ll provide a script to update the database together with the new version.

I’m eager to get feedback from you!! πŸ™‚

(Update: I put https URLs instead of http. Sorry! Should be fixed now.)

7 thoughts on “siggy version 0.3 released!”

  1. thanx for the app, but so far one can only enter
    one positive cash flows (=budget) and as many
    negative ones (=expenses). requested feature;-)


  2. Very nice. I’ll play around with it a bit more and log any issues. Are you using the bugtracker on garage to record them?

  3. I think you re doing a great job,is the only good application to manage money so far and with the last update it’s better . .with the new one it’s going to be very helpful.
    i was going to suggest you what you’re thinking to do in the new update . .
    in any case i always used money manager in my other nokia,but this it’s going to be so much better.

    thank you!!

  4. Magomez,

    thank you for writing Siggy! I’ve been using it on my N900 to track my expences over the past few weeks. Then I upgraded to PR1.2.

    This seems to have deleted all my entries.

    Is there any way of recovering any of the data? I notice there is /home/user/.siggy with a config and sqlite file. Possible to import the old data into Siggy?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    1. @Crawford

      As you found out, the apps’ config and data are stored in that .siggy folder you mention.

      I guess your data hasn’t been deleted, but there’s an issue here. If you were using the 0.3 version of the application and you have upgraded to version 0.4, the database schema is not compatible. I mentioned in a post that I needed to change the schema to add new features, and that version 0.3 should be used for testing only. So if you try to use a database file generated with the 0.3 version of the program with the 0.4 (or newest) version, it won’t work fine (you won’t be able to create accounts and handle the existing data).

      So, if you have updated from version 0.3 there are 2 options:
      – delete the .siggy folder contents. This will delete current data and then launching the program the new database schema will be created.
      – somehow update the database schema. I don’t have a script to do this yet, but I can try to write some SQL lines to do the job if you really need them.

      I recommend you to delete the current data and start adding expenses again, but i’ll try to write those lines anyway.

  5. @Magomez,

    thank you for the reply! Yes, I did indeed upgrade from 0.3 to 0.4
    and was then unable to use the previous data.

    I’d be eternally greatful if you manage to whip up a script! Otherwise i’d be able to live without:)


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