… and the piggy got detained in the border…

… suspicious of carrying illegal dependencies XD

You may know form my last post, that I’ve released the 0.2 version of siggy. During these days I’ve been performing all the paperwork to put available to the world: creating the project at garage.maemo, creating the packages so you could download them, and also uploading them to the extras-devel repository.

After doing so, I was happily going to promote the package to extras-testing, when the border guard came and stopped me: the piggy may not go beyond here, son, he said. What does this mean? Easy: siggy depends on the 4.6 Qt libraries (to be ble to use the Maemo5 widgets). These libraries are been developed and available from extras-devel, but with different package names than the 4.5 ones (libqt4-maemo5-* instead of libqt4-*), and different installation path. This was done so the users could test the new version on the libraries without mixing them with the system 4.5 ones. But at some point, these packages will be removed from extras-devel and they will replace the 4.5 ones (this is planned for the next major update AFAIK). So, as siggy depends on those about to dissapear libqt4-maemo5-* libraries, once the next update was released, it would stop working.

I must say that I was already aware about this, and I had planned creating a new release with the new libraries as soon as the update was available, but I guess the policy of non promoting the applications to extras-testing makes sense as well 🙂
(BTW, good work to Qt team! keep up with it!) 🙂

So, what’s the plan now? Well, current package (both at garage and extras-devel) will work with the libqt4-maemo5-* libraries available in extras devel. So you can grab them and start using the application. But if don’t want to mess with your system and install these libraries, you just need to wait for a while. At some point, the next update will be released, and the Qt 4.6 libraries will be installed in your system. At that moment I’ll create a new package with the new dependencies (you can do it also from the source code), and will update it in extras-devel and extras-testing, so you can easily install it 🙂

In the meanwhile, working in the 0.3 release, I’m currently developing a summary window where the user would be able to get some information from a period of time: amount of money spent and saved, average month expenses, average money saved, etc, together with a pie chart showing the percentage of money spent in each item.

After that, I have some cool suggestions coming form you that are really interesting but… hey!… that’s another story 😉

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  1. I would take this as an indicator that they’re in internal testing now of the new release version, and probably will launch within a week or two. Good news IMHO. 🙂

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