Currently focused on…

A brief update on what I’ve being doing during last months:

Yes, you have guessed it. Together with some of my colleagues at Igalia, I’m collaborating in the development of the Meego Touch Framework, the (not so) current MeeGo framework for application development. This development is completely open and it’s being performed through its gitorious repository.

Yes, I know QML is here to replace meegotouch as the MeeGo toolkit, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be Meego Touch based applications anymore. While QML is being polished and getting ready for action, meegotouch is still the framework to use, specially if you need a low level integration with the platform or you want to provide your users with really complex and cool effects. Also, you will probably be able to use Meego Touch components through QML as well 🙂

Expect some posts explaining some of the internals of the library, as it has some cool stuff to show to the world! 😉