GNOME CPUFreq Applet News

Hadess has proposed gnome-cpufreq-applet to be included in Fedora Core. I’m very happy. Ubuntu has already included it. There are many people who asked to me to add to the applet the possibility of allowing the user to change the cpu frequency. The main problem is that it’s needed to be root to do it. So, I’ve finally written a command line tool that will be called by the applet. If the user or his sysadmin wants can set the SUID bit and the applet will be able to change the cpu frequency. I’ve not still finished it, but I hope to have it soon. Here is a screenshot of what I’ve already done.

GNOME CPUFreq Applet Selector
GNOME CPUFreq Applet. Frequency selector

Dominik Brodowski, a kernel cpufreq hacker, emailed me to talk me about the cpufreq governors. Currently the applet only works with userspace, powersave and performance governors. He also sent me a patch. As soon as I finish with the frequency selector feature, I will work on the governors stuff.

I’ve also received a bug from Debian. I have a lot of work in the applet for the next days.

Ingeniero Tecnico

I’ve finished the studies, after 6 years in the university (UPSAM), now I’m “Ingeniero Tecnico en Informatica de Sistemas”. I’ve decided to continue studying in the “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos“. The admitted list will be published on September.

It’s the first summer for a long time that I don’t have to study 🙂 it means plenty of free time. My TODO list is now full:

  • GNOME System tools: mainly disks-admin
  • GNOME Nettool: I have some ideas in mind
  • Improve the GNOME Network web site
  • I’ve decided to complete the gobject documentation that I prepared for the guadec-es to obtain a complete and useful document (in spanish).
  • . . .

GNOME CPUFreq Applet 0.2.1

I’ve released GNOME CPUFreq Applet 0.2.1, with no many changes. It fixes an important bug for the 2.4.x kernel users, it made the gnome panel unusable.

Planeta GNOME Hispano

There have been some comments about the english posts in Planeta GNOME Hispano. I write my blog in english for two main reasons:

  • First of all, I think my blog is more accesible for everybody in english
  • And second, but not less important, I really need to improve my english, and writing my blog is a very good exercise to me

Anyway, my english is so simple that I think anybody can understand it 😛

After the intrusion to the GNOME servers the Software Map has been down, but now we have, a resource for users and developers to post and find software related with GNOME.

The site is cool, it would be nice if it had a GNOME style header, like,,, or even my own website.

I’ve just submitted the GNOME CPUFreq Applet 😛