Problems with the new page

I’ve just got back from Istanbul and when I was about to release Vagalume 0.7 I saw that the web page had been redesigned.

However I am missing a very important feature ! Where’s the ability to listen to free records in the client ?

When I went to pages like this one there used to be a “Play in software” which pointed to this lastfm:// address so I could play the album in my client. But I can’t find that link anymore, it seems that the only choice now is to use the flash player.

Has this feature been removed ??

11 thoughts on “Problems with the new page

  1. decke

    I used that feature too but the links simply aren’t there anymore. They exist in Group pages on the right as big Buttons instead of the Flash player but seem to be missing everywhere else. That really sucks and it does not help to be a subscriber too.

    From reading the announcement comments and the Support Forum i can see that they have a lot of work to do to reimplement all that features that are missing since the update and people are collecting “most missing feature” lists. But i don’t know how much the guys care about that.

  2. Jonty


    We’re currently working on all the regressions (and there are lots we missed), this one irritates the hell out of me and I’m bugging the front-end guys all the time.

    It’ll be sorted soon. If they don’t do it I’ll whip out my crusty templating skills and do it myself!


  3. eccentric

    Looks like this is working now … at least it is for me.

    I tried to play Group radio from the website in the client without success. However today it works (did have to switch the option in the settings though) … I get nice lastfm:// links on the pages.


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