Vagalume 0.6 released

Vagalume 0.6 is here!

Among the new features introduced in Vagalume 0.6, the coolest one is probably the brand new tray icon for desktop users written by Mario, similar to the one already available for Maemo:

Vagalume tray icon

Other highlights from this version include:

  • Update the status message of your IM client. Tell everyone what you’re listening to. Currently supported: Pidgin, Gajim, Gossip and Telepathy
  • Gettext support: Vagalume has been translated into Portuguese, German, Finnish, Spanish, Galician and Italian
  • New setting to disable the love/ban confirmation dialogs
  • New D-BUS methods and a script to control Vagalume from the command line (currently only for Maemo, more news soon)
  • Osso-backup support

I would like to thank all the contributors, in particular Tim Wegener for his work in the IM status support. And of course all the translators too!

Last but not least, I’d like to remind you again that, as I said in my previous post, I’ll be at LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin with other Maemo hackers. Hope to see you there!

And now, enjoy!

P.S.: I’m moving Vagalume to Maemo extras, so one of these days it should be available there. Stay tuned!

Update: Vagalume 0.6 is now available in Maemo Extras

5 thoughts on “Vagalume 0.6 released

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  2. Atlan

    Nice work!

    I use vagalume on my ubuntu notebook to listen to tunes.

    Nevertheless it would be nice to have input fields for username and password when you want to use a http proxy.

    Of course it works with but it’s supboptimal to have the password in clear view.

    I would add that on bugzilla or the mailing list but they seem to be down.


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