FOSDEM 2008 is here

FOSDEM 2008 is around the corner. Of course I’ll be there along with other igalians so I hope to see you there 🙂

If you’re a Maemo user/hacker then you’ll probably be interested in this wiki page where we’re trying to coordinate a meeting.

By the way, some people have suggested me to use GTK themeable icons in Vagalume instead of the custom ones that come with v0.5. Here’s a couple of screenshots comparing both (click on the images to view them full size).

Vagalume 0.5 using GTK icons
Vagalume 0.5 using custom icons

I’ve just created a survey so you can vote which one you prefer 🙂 If you don’t have a user at, just leave a comment in this post.

See you at FOSDEM !

23 thoughts on “FOSDEM 2008 is here

  1. Ross

    If you don’t use stock icons, baby Jesus will cry, kittens will be killed, and I’m sure several GNOME developers will beat you up at FOSDEM.

  2. berto

    garrett, the screenshot was taken using the tango-icon-theme package from Debian etch, and I was using the ‘mail-send’ icon.

    It’s just an example anyway 🙂

  3. Felipe Erias

    I think that users should have the chance to choose between a GTK+ stock look and a custom one.

    Multimedia apps aren’t spreadsheets, so I personally find it OK if they have a nice little extra ‘touch’ in their looks. Obviouslly, this is a very personal opinion and that’s why I’m proposing that we let the user choose.

  4. berto

    Bob, they’re completely different programs (although both are clients).

    Vagalume is probably more lightweight as it’s programmed in C with GTK+ (Last-exit requires Mono). On the other hand, Last-exit has been around for longer so it’s probably more well-tested.

    Also, Vagalume is specially designed to work in the Nokia 770/N800/N810

    So if you have a PC try both and choose. If you have a Nokia device then Vagalume is the only option right now AFAIK (apart from the flash player, that is).

  5. Marc

    Hi, you might want to remove the / from the end of the maemo wiki link 🙂

    I’m coming to fosdem, would be great to meet you and thank you for vagalume, one of the most useful pieces of software on my maemo device.

    See you there perhaps!

  6. Bob

    I’ve tried it, and I only get a bunch of errors (a lot of WARNING **: Error: Internal data flow error). So disappointed 🙁
    (Anyway I think you should work on HIG compliance too)
    Thanks anyway and good luck.

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  8. Calum

    It’s not really a question of “prefer”– non-themeable icons break accessibility, and that’s just thoughtless design.

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