Vagalume 0.1 released: come and get it!

After a couple of pre-releases, version 0.1 of Vagalume, the client for the Nokia N800, is finally here.

Vagalume 0.1

This is the first proper release and it comes with full source code licensed under the GNU GPL.

There haven’t been many changes since the first pre-release from last monday, but this version includes some nice new features such as:

  • Proper support for loving/banning tracks.
  • Support for tagging artists, tracks and albums (with multiple tags at once).
  • More menu entries to select radios. Avoid typing long lastfm:// URLs.

I have also compiled packages for Debian etch (x86) and Tablet OS 2008 (using Maemo chinook beta), so if there is any lucky owner of an N810 out there, I’d appreciate feedback 😉

I haven’t tried to compile Vagalume for the Nokia 770. I don’t have one of those and I haven’t had the time to find out if it’s easy/possible to make it work there, but if someone tries please let me know. For those interested, this program depends on GTK+2, GStreamer 0.10, libcurl and libxml2.

You can get Vagalume from my webpage.

I’d like to thank all the people who tested the initial pre-releases and sent me their comments. I’ll take them into account for future versions!


Updated 02 Nov 2007: Vagalume seems to compile with gregale SDK, so I’ve just put a package for the Nokia 770 in my webpage. If anyone can try it and tell me if it works I’d appreciate it!

Updated 02 Nov 2007:Solmis has confirmed that the package for the Nokia 770 works!

16 thoughts on “Vagalume 0.1 released: come and get it!

  1. MDK

    That’s absolutely great stuff. I was longing for a good player since we released n800. It works great for me on n810/chinook. Needs some polish on the UI side, but it’s cool.

  2. berto

    MDK, it’s great to know that it works well in the N810.
    I agree with you, the UI needs to improve a log, but as I explained on a previous post, I started this just a few days ago and I wanted to focus on the essential features (protocol, tags, radios, etc.) first.

  3. Larux

    Excellent! So Excellent! That’s real killerApp for me. I have used browser+flash to listen LastFM. I’m power user of LastFM & N800 and I’m really happy about that release. Thank you!

  4. Faz

    Thanks berto!!

    Just installed this 5 mins ago, 2 day user! Listenning to some live never heard before Led Zep on my N800, awesome! 🙂

    Where can we donate towards future dev? (or a beer, or an N810! ;)) PayPal?

  5. berto

    OMG, are you going to buy me an N810? I should have started this project earlier! X-)

    No seriously, you can send me a postcard or something like that 🙂

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