Meeting notes

Last week was a very interesting week for our WebKit group in Igalia, a lot of things happened, we even found that a volcano explosion did not allow Philippe to come back from San Francisco, hopefully he will make it at the end of this week. Luckily enough Juanjo, Xan and me have tickets for one of the few airports not closed in Europe.

Regarding software, we had the incredible opportunity to meet with a lot of WebKit engineers in the WebKit Contributors Meeting, it was very interesting to attend to the discussions and comment about the current situation of the project with the people there. Personally I would stress the debates about: WebKit2, Javascript engine performance and hardware acceleration drawing. I’ve also spend some time with Eric creating a version of the new-run-webkit-tests for Gtk+, I still have to check the patch and upload it. We also participated in the green bots hackathon, which allowed Gtk+ bots to enter in the core bots group, it took a little bit more time but now it should be easier to control the bots. Related with WebKit we also met some people in the bay are that are using WebKitGTK+, it is nice to check how the work we are doing is useful for those products.

I’ve also attended the Linux Collaboration Summit (just after the WebKit Meeting), it was not a bad experience, Google gave us a Nexus One after all. I was at the MeeGo workgroup where Nokia and Intel presented their agendas for the platform. I also was at the Desktop workgroup, the main topic was desktop technologies and the integration with Internet services, it is going to be interesting to check how the desktop will evolve to integrate Internet services, and what role free software plays in that environment.

Of course I have to mention I really enjoyed the city, we did not have much time but Martin helped us to discover very nice places and food.