European WebKit Hackathon

Last week I attended the European WebKit Hackathon, the organization and the location were awesome (Bucharest). We had the opportunity to meet with other WebKit teams and know about their work and plans. Adobe, Samsung, Intel, University of Szeged and Igalia were there represented. And of course we spend time hacking in some topics where we could collaborate together. Considering all the specifications the Adobe people are pushing (CSS Regions, CSS Exclusions, CSS Shaders, etc.) it was a great opportunity to try some of their work in WebKitGTK+ and help them with some compilation and testing tricks in the port. I think we can continue helping with some of those specs and make WebKitGTK+ a good port for checking web framework new features.

We also could catch up with Intel EFL hacker Dominik Röttsches. EFL port uses a lot of code from the WebKitGTK+ and our goals are quite similar so it is always good we can spend sometime hacking together. Ossy from the Szeged University explained their testing infrastructure and methods for the WebKitQt port, very interesting points about how to deal with a big project like WebKit.

I would like to thank organization and I hope we can make it next year.