2011 WebKit contributors meeting

On April several developers from our team had the chance to attend the WebKit contributors meeting in Cupertino, I’ve spent a couple of more days in San Francisco to take advantage of the long trip and spend some time hacking with Martin and Xan.

WebKit meeting group photo

It is always a good moment to catch up with the people in the WebKit community and think about your position and motivation in the project. I would like to thank the Apple team for making it happen. We talked about WebKit2, not all the decisions are made and things like C API could change its design in the future, stay tuned. We are pushing WebKit2GTK+ and now it is more complete and it is easier to contribute to. We even have landed the test runner patch, and now running tests is possible.

We also did some hacking, fixed some issues in WebKitGTK and prepared 1.4.0 release, the new stable release that includes most of the work we have done the last year. All the tests that are passing now have made this new stable release a better library, it is easy to realize about it after spending some time using the browser. It is clear that software needs taking care of the small details, if you want someone to use it, and that takes time and effort. Our team in Igalia has made a good work creating the best WebKitGTK+ release so far. We have come from a big file with skipped tests to more than 22.000 tests passed and that is a huge difference that the final user can check.

I hope more people can enjoy the software and contribute to the code, this is one of the reasons free software rocks.