WebkitGTK+ and Epiphany these days

Some threads

After the hackfest and the Christmas holidays we continued working in the GNOME browser, it is hard but someone has to do it :-P. I wanted to do a small summary because in this time without blogging a lot of things happened and I think sharing the report could be interesting for other people.

The roadmap for 2.30 is waiting just for the soup on-disk cache (Dan is working in this one), so currently we are doing some cleaning work in Epiphany, addressing the current regressions, Diego has joined the group to help with it. Xan did an awesome work finishing the DOM bindings, this patch should be the beginning of the work in this topic in order to have complete bindings. Of course Philippe has been working in the multimedia support adding nice features like the on-disk buffering. Millan is helping also us with the a11y support and on this regard I’m still waiting for a review of the bug 25676 which is required for the caret browsing.

Trying to solve some a11y issues I’ve changed the WebKitGTK+ tooltips support to get rid of some of the work-arounds that it had, now it uses the GtkTooltip API. Regarding the a11y requirements we still have some limitations to position the tooltip that it is not clear how we could solve.

I’ve been also trying to finish some refactoring of the load states inside Epiphany, hopefully now it would be easier to deal with that code.

I wrote this summary initially as a personal report of our work and felt it was nice to share it, this way I can create more interesting posts than using just my work ;). It is also nice to check the interest of other people and companies using WebKitGTK+ in their desktop and in their products.

My interests these weeks are Cody’s GtkOffscreenWindow widget and the DOM bindings, I was wondering also about the visual result of the scrolling in Epiphany, it has some tearing and I think we could do it better. Really interesting things to check :).