The WebKitGTK+ hackfest is over


After the last hours hacking, it is a good moment to comment a little bit about the week spent in the hackfest. I’m quite happy with the result of the organization done by Igalia, although I’m not the best one to give an unbiased opinion about it. Regarding the development and after checking the list of things we wrote the first day in the agenda it looks like we were able to work in a lot of the points and fix some of them. It was a good week for the projects WebKitGTK+ and Epiphany, thanks to the veeery long days of hacking,

Xan posted a good summary of the work we have done this week, I would like to add we worked in the a11y, we have uploaded a patch to fix the caret browsing and we have proposed the change in the tooltips implementation, trying to solve a problem. I have also finished the cache API patches and added a workaround to the test of the middle click paste so we could upload the patch, and other misc patches. A very interesting week indeed, we have to repeat it. In the TODO list I would like to point out some topics for the next months:

  • DOM bindings
  • Gecko regressions in Epiphany
  • libsoup disk cache
  • multimedia stuff
  • a11y

In Igalia we would like to work in these points in the next months, if you are interested in other topics and you want to propose something to us (Igalia), just contact us, any support or suggestions are welcome.

Kudos to all the people that help in this awesome project.

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