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As I already said the other day in Twitter, I became Qt Ambassador because of Aura. The only problem is that is a project-person program, meaning that it is granted to a person because of having worked on a project. Aura was a project developed by three Igalians, who were Miguel, Víctor and me and I consider a bit unfair that it was granted only to me because they deserve it as much as I do.

The procedure I followed was:

  • Applying with Aura
  • When that was accepted, I submitted Aura project page.
  • After the publication I was told that I was going to receive the Qt Ambassador Merchansise

Does anybody know if more people can become ambassadors for the same project and how?

4 Responses to “Aura made me Qt Ambassador”

  1. We had this discussion a few months ago on qt dev network. I dont know if it changed but from AFAIR, the project is the ambassador. That’s why only one can be representing it.

    But the rule might have changed.


  2. Crack!!!


  3. Slightly off-topic… Where does Aura save recorded videos? I can preview them, but then I can’t find them. (Of course, I haven’t opened the Terminal yet, which is what I’ll do right now.)


  4. Hehe. Should have done that first — they’re in the MyDocs/aura directory. Imho, seems like they should be stored in the MyDocs/Movies directory.


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