Aura made me Qt Ambassador

As I already said the other day in Twitter, I became Qt Ambassador because of Aura. The only problem is that is a project-person program, meaning that it is granted to a person because of having worked on a project. Aura was a project developed by three Igalians, who were Miguel, VĂ­ctor and me and I consider a bit unfair that it was granted only to me because they deserve it as much as I do.

The procedure I followed was:

  • Applying with Aura
  • When that was accepted, I submitted Aura project page.
  • After the publication I was told that I was going to receive the Qt Ambassador Merchansise

Does anybody know if more people can become ambassadors for the same project and how?


  1. We had this discussion a few months ago on qt dev network. I dont know if it changed but from AFAIR, the project is the ambassador. That’s why only one can be representing it.

    But the rule might have changed.

  2. Slightly off-topic… Where does Aura save recorded videos? I can preview them, but then I can’t find them. (Of course, I haven’t opened the Terminal yet, which is what I’ll do right now.)

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