Conic in mafw-gst-renderer

Should we rely on GStreamer timeouts when handling disconnections or should we write some code with conic to immediately detect if network goes down and raise the proper error? Good question, uh?

Issues are network changes and how conic handles them. Because AFAIK, if conic changes it connection it signals the disconnection and then the connection to the other network, (for example if you switch from one WLAN to another or it switches from WLAN to Bluetooth GPRS or viceversa). Issue is that we don’t handle connections ourselves but GStreamer does. They rely in underlying components, such souphttpsrc (which happened to have a problem with the timeout) so they raise an error when that timeout expires. They have more components dealing with different kind of servers that can behave in a different way.

When network goes down and other one comes, we would have to ask for other connection if we are currently playing a stream, but I don’t know if those GStreamer underlying components can handle those connection changes gracefully because the underlying protocols can be stafeful or stateless.

In those cases, we would need to handle those changes ourselves. We would need to set a timeout to see if a new connection event comes or raise the error if not and if it comes, hope that GStreamer can handle that change gracefully.

We think those changes would make the code more complex and wouldn’t fix problems perfectly since maybe GStreamer cannot handle it, so we think it is better to keep things as they currently are, raising the error when GStreamer says so and we don’t have a connection.


Yes, finally it is public that we are contributing to MAFW project, born for the Maemo platform.

My latest jobs were focused in the mafw-gst-renderer component so feel free to ask me any questions related to that or any other component.

I am damm lazy to blog, but I will try to do it sometimes to talk about what I did for the project so that you can stay tuned and follow a bit project’s evolution.

Small things

These last days I touched some small issues as changing a bit the way we destroy the GStreamer pipeline, since we we checking for asynchronous state changes when setting it to NULL that should never happen.