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December 22nd, 2005 No comments

Pretty nice day of snow!. Joce, Carmen, Alicia and I went today to valdeskqui for skiing. It has been a good day, there were few people and a nice weather.

Yeah! Carmen is improving a lot
Joce, Carmen and KaL
Joce, Carmen and me (promoting GNOME even in the mountain)
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Buoh 0.8.1

December 3rd, 2005 No comments

Buoh 0.8.1 has been released. The most important feature in this release is that buoh uses now a cache system for reducing the memory consumption. In addition it has been fixed a bug for allowing translations, so any translation contribution will be really welcome. It would be nice if it’s translated into spanish, don’t you think so serrador? 😛

For more information read the release notes here.

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GUADEC 7 New dates

December 1st, 2005 No comments

Good News!!! GUADEC 7 will finally be the last week of june, just after the exams :-)))

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